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Entity Framework Error About Defining Query

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If you get a weird error in Entity Framework, waffling on about a DefiningQuery but no insert possible, then check the edmx XML. It is likely that the entity was a hidden join table, or perhaps a view and has changed. Edit the entity in the XML to resemble the other standard entities.


<EntitySet Name="ComponentVersionDeviceType" EntityType="OLTP.Store.ComponentVersionDeviceType" store:Type="Tables" store:Schema="dbo" store:Name="ComponentVersionDeviceType">

<DefiningQuery>SELECT       [ComponentVersionDeviceType].[ComponentVersionID] AS [ComponentVersionID],       [ComponentVersionDeviceType].[DeviceTypeID] AS [DeviceTypeID],       [ComponentVersionDeviceType].[Inserted] AS [Inserted]      FROM [dbo].[ComponentVersionDeviceType] AS [ComponentVersionDeviceType]</DefiningQuery>        </EntitySet>


<EntitySet Name="ComponentVersionDeviceType" EntityType="OLTP.Store.ComponentVersionDeviceType" store:Type="Tables" Schema="dbo"/>


Written by bernardhornet

March 28, 2011 at 12:06 pm

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