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In pursuit of code quality: Monitoring cyclomatic complexity

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In pursuit of code quality: Monitoring cyclomatic complexity.

Some interesting snippets:

…What’s interesting here is that we were able to spot this defect using cyclomatic complexity rather than code coverage. Code coverage indicated we were done after one test case, but CC forced us to write an additional one. Not bad, eh?

Luckily, the method under test in this case only had a CC of 2. Imagine if that defect were buried in a method with a CC of 102. Good luck finding it!

…As demonstrated above, cyclomatic complexity is a good indicator of code complexity; moreover, it’s an excellent barometer for developer testing. A good rule of thumb is to create a number of test cases equal to the cyclomatic complexity value of the code being tested. In the case of the updatePCensus() method seen in Figure 2, you would need 114 test cases to achieve full coverage.


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