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A web based Gherkin editor

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Oh my god – it’s full of javascript.


This is a web based editor for Gherkin – the language Cucumber features are written in. It’s based on Ace in the browser and Node.js on the server. It’s in very early stages (not really useable yet), but the planned features include:

  • Code completion
  • Syntax highlighting (partly implemented in a fork of ace)
  • Syntax checking based on Gherkin.js. More info about that in this thread
  • Integration with external file systems, using WebDav or REST towards a dedicated git-enabled server.
  • The target audience is primarily non-programmers. The kind of people who want to write Cucumber features, but never had a tool to do it and gave up.

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May 2, 2011 at 9:23 am

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