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SOTI MobiControl for Android | Brightpoint GB Blog

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SOTI MobiControl | Brightpoint GB Blog.

With the huge success of the Android platform, and the growing trend for employees to use their personal Smartphone for company tasks, the need for a central device management solution that supports the Android platform is increasing.


MobiControl makes it easy to maintain an inventory of all connected devices, to enforce required security policies, to provide access to required applications and restrict access to undesirable apps all from within a web-based administration console with support for multiple groups and usage policies.

Devices can be enrolled using unique password credentials or optionally through integration with Active Directory. Once enrolled businesses can then view and audit devices in real time including the following pieces of information:

  • Device Name
  • Personalized Device Name
  • Device ID
  • Phone ID (IMEI, MEID, ESN)
  • IP Address
  • MAC Address
  • Wi-Fi Signal
  • Battery Status
  • Phone Number
  • Cellular Carrier
  • Available/Total Memory
  • Available/Total Storage
  • Platform
  • Operating System Version
  • Model
  • Agent Version
  • Last Connected
  • Last Disconnected
  • Security Status (Rooted detection)
  • Installed Applications

As well as requiring that all connected devices have a password configured, and being able to determine the required strength of that password, devices can also be automatically wiped should the user fail to enter their password incorrectly too many times in succession.

Administrators can automatically determine whether users have “rooted” or “jailbroken” their devices and optionally decide to restrict access to sensitive corporate data on those devices, perform a factory reset on them or merely remove all corporate applications: perfect for personally-owned devices where completely wiping a device might result in that user losing important personal documents or pictures.

Device configuration parameters can be pushed to devices over the air including WiFi connection profiles.
Advanced application management is also provided as part of the solution: administrators can view and report in real time on the applications being used on connected devices, and delete those applications which are prohibited.
An Enterprise Application Catalogue can be deployed and maintained by administrators, comprising of both Android Market applications and corporate applications held on a secure web server, either of which can be mandatory or merely recommended.

Alerts can also be configured to notify administrators of specific events, such as the failure of an aspect of the server, a failure of a device to connect within a specified timeframe or a specific user event such as the jailbreaking of a device.

Detailed reports can be generated and exported on any of the inventoried information stored by the solution.

Finally devices can be located and tracked via GPS and displayed on an interactive live world map, enabling businesses to determine where field workers are operating or locate lost or stolen devices.

Architecturally, MobiControl is deployed in a server-client model requiring an Internet-facing server running a Windows server operating system to which the client application running on the Android device communicates over the air: be it a cellular or WiFi connection.
Client-server communications are handled over a single TCP port (5494 by default but this can changed), and sessions are encrypted.

A product video is available here – http://blog.brightpointuk.co.uk/soti-mobicontrol-product-video


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May 3, 2011 at 9:42 am

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