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Jez Humble on continuous integration and feature branches

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  1. Break down your stories into smaller chunks of work (sometimes referred to as tasks). I have never yet found a large piece of work that I couldn’t split into smaller chunks – usually less than an hour and almost always less than a day – that got me some way towards my goal but kept the system working and releasable. This involves careful analysis, discussion, thought, and discipline. When I can’t see a way to do something incremental in less than a couple of hours, I try spiking out some ideas2. Crucially though, it means I get essential feedback early on as to whether my proposed solution is going to work, or whether it will have unintended consequences for the rest of the system, interfere with what other people are working on, or introduce regressions (this is the motivation for continuous integration.)
  2. Implement stories in such a way that the user-facing bits are done last. Start with the business logic and the bits further down the stack first. Grow your code using TDD. Check in and merge with mainline regularly. Hook up the UI last3.
  3. Use branch-by-abstraction to make complex or larger scale changes to to your application incrementally while keeping the system working.

via On DVCS, continuous integration, and feature branches | Continuous Delivery.


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July 20, 2011 at 8:20 am

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