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WiX v3.6 Beta released. – RobMensching.com /Blog

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WiX v3.6 Beta released. – RobMensching.com /Blog.

Write an installer UI in WPF! It’s like the 21st Century.

  • Modern UI – (planned) create a UI that isn’t limited to Wizard’97 controls.
  • Download – download files from the Internet and resume if there are interruptions.
  • Unified Progress – Burn aggregates download and install messages into single progress (as well as individual progress)
  • Elevation – (planned) elevate only when necessary giving the best launch experience.
  • Containers – (planned) organize your product for optimal distribution based on your media.
  • Managed UI – (stretch) use managed code (think WPF or WinForms) to create a beautiful installation UI, even if NETFX isn’t already installed on the user’s machine.
  • Package Ref-counting – (added) Burn manages shared packages so they are installed and uninstalled when expected.
  • Patch slipstreaming – (added) Burn can automatically determine the minimal number of packages and patches a user has to install to be current.

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October 31, 2011 at 9:10 am

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