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Moneyball for software engineering, part 2 – OReilly Radar

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Moneyball for software engineering, part 2 – OReilly Radar.

Brad Pitt was recently nominated for the Best Actor Oscarfor his portrayal of Oakland A’s general manager Billy Beane in the movie “Moneyball,” which was also nominated for Best Picture. If you’re not familiar with “Moneyball,” the subject of the movie and the book on which it’s based is Beane, who helped pioneer an approach to improve baseball team performance based on statistical analysis. Statistics were used to help find valuable players that other teams overlooked and to identify winning strategies for players and coaches that other teams missed.

Last October, when the movie was released, I wrote anarticle discussing how Moneyball-type statistical analysis can be applied to software teams. As a follow-up, and in honor of the recognition that the movie and Pitt are receiving, I thought it might be interesting to spend a little more time on this, focusing on the process and techniques that a manager could use to introduce metrics to a software team. If you are intrigued by the idea of tracking and studying metrics to help find ways to improve, the following are suggestions of how you can begin to apply these techniques.


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