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Zero or One. • Enterprise is sexy now. But B2D is sexier.

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What all of the recent discussions around enterprise don’t highlight is that B2D Business 2 Developer, a subset of SaaS is going to be the next wave of breakout startups and tech companies, even more so than enterprise. Semil did a great job of introducing the concept of B2D regarding what transpired in the comments section: there’s a difference between selling to developers and selling to startups.

It’s already begun with the success of Heroku, Github, and newcomers like Sendgrid, Mixpanel, Twilio, Parse, and a host of others. The advantage of B2D is that the next step after developers is enterprise. Once you’ve successfully sold to the individual makers within an organization, you can sell to the larger organization.

This advantage is important because it allows these companies to take a more consumer-oriented approach. They can market like sexy consumer startups clearly articulate what their product does, why it’s useful, and make all of it look pretty, but make money like unsexy enterprise companies. And more importantly, they can make money on their way to enterprise. Unlike consumers, developers are willing to pay for software. As long as it saves them a ton of time and/or performs a specific task better than they could with the time they have.

via Zero or One. • Enterprise is sexy now. But B2D is sexier..


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